Hitec Integration, Inc., focuses on "Information Logistics Solutions". Information in the right place, at the right time, in the most useable form, is the goal of a superior solution.  The products we represent, create and integrate are synergistic with these goals. The following represent some of the worlds finest tools for achieving these goals.

 Hitec Products

Print Capture Automation

This component is designed to automate capture of print images directly from any transaction processor.   While emulating a TCP/IP LPR or HP Laser printer, the tool monitors the designated print queue and captures files for the Archive system.      
            More details see Print Capture

 Multi-Vendor Interchange of Print Spool Data

Hitec’s multi-vendor interchange facility takes Print Output streams from all systems, including IBM, HP, DEC, UNIX, etc. and normalizes it for the Archive system, thus allowing mixtures of source data in a single archive.  
         More Details see Multivendor Intchng

BatchView Image Capture

BatchView Image Capture provides high volume batch scanning for service bureaus and corporate central scanning.  BatchView has imbedded support for on the fly annotations and Bates numbering, as well as support of Kofax VRS scanning in simplex or duplex modes.             More detail see Batchview Scanning

Web Documents Portal

Web Docs cloud based software allows multiple authorized users to view computer generated, scanned or pictures from anywhere in the world at instantly anytime, day or night.
         See more details at Web Document Portal

Workflow Engine


DataStore 32 ERM

DataStore 32 Enterprise Report Managment from (Hitec Laboratories) Ltd. is the worlds leading COLD/ ERM product, and provides a solid foundation for an Enterprise Report and Document archive and distribution strategy. 
                More details see Enterprise Report Mgmt

Hitec PaperStore

Hitec PaperStore is a simple to use Document Image Management System with features usually associated with systems costing many times more.   PaperStore combines all image formats such as TIFF, PDF, DICOM, JPG, HTML, etc., into a single document giving unparalleled access to an entire spectrum of information. 
     Details see Hitec PaperStore

Automated Report Distribution via E-Mail

The E-Mail Document/Report Distribution facility provides the automation of e-mail distribution of Invoices, Reports, and other archived documents to selected recipients.
        See More about this Doc Distribution E-mail

Hitec Image Index

Hitec Image index is is a flexible progam for creating various types of indexes for scanned documents.  Indexes included in comma delimeted files can be used for import into virtually any document managment system.  During the index process the files can be converted from tif to pdf or named with the index values in the name.   Read more

Retiring Legacy Systems

How many of you are still maintaining an old computer system somewhere in your operation that is running an application critical to your business record retention requirements?   You are not alone if you have such a system. 
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