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veteran owned

Veteran Owned

Welcome to Hitec Integration, Inc.

For 20 years a leading North American integrator of advanced Enterprise Report Management (ERM) and integrated Document Image Management (DIM) solutions.

During that time we have worked with customers to understand, capture and deliver information from the data processing systems used to create it.  In addition to products that simplify  access, extraction, and distribution, we offer services to insure that you can manage the lifecycle of information for as long as it is needed.  Often this is long after the useful life of the host computer.  


An organization's competitiveness relies increasingly on immediate access to secure and accurate information. Whether your business is Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Distribution, Government, Education , Public Utilities, Communications/ Media, or Insurance, Hitec Integration has a solution for you.

Our  fully scalable technologies can evolve from a departmental specific application to an enterprise wide solution that enhances an organization's world wide investment in technologies, employee productivity and information distribution capabilities.

Our services can reduce or eliminate the need for capital investment in equipment that will be under utilized or needed only on a part time basis.  These services such as, scanning, indexing and document conversion, are available for adding value to any system, even systems not provided by our team.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and services that deliver enhanced information logistics*.