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About Us


Hitec Integration, Inc., was organized in 1993 to better deliver Hitec products and support through out North and Central America. 


Hitec Integration has also leveraged our 50+ years of combined expertise into a number of internally developed products that add value to our base offerings.  Our integration skills allow us to create normalized information repositories from disparate systems within an organization.


Our implementations of Information Logistics* solutions have provided our clients across the board savings in labor, space and administrative costs, while increasing customer service.


The North American client base includes well known organizations in: Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Medical, Law Enforcement and Government.


Along with our business partners, Hitec Integration, Inc., shares a commitment to quality products and services for all Hitec customers, where ever they are located.





                         * THE  "RIGHT INFORMATION"  IN THE  "RIGHT PLACE"  AT THE  "RIGHT TIME"