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An Open System

Hitec PaperStore is built on the concept of programming around off the shelf tools and API’s to create a flexible, easy to use system with functionality evolved from over 12 years of end user involvement in feature definitions.

PaperStore features such as work flow and electronic signatures are typically found in much more expensive systems. With the ability to manage tens of millions of documents that include scanned images, electronic faxes, photographs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, email, PDF and archive reports. These objects are organized into user friendly electronic documents, folders and file cabinets. Application filing Databases are quickly defined using the AppBuilder component eliminating the need for costly IS staff for support of new filing applications using the tools.

 PaperStore supports high quality peripherals from a variety of industry leading Vendors. High performance scanners from Fujitsu, Bell & Howell, Canon, Panasonic and Kodak as well as lower cost Twain scanners from HP and Mitsubishi.  Image Enhancement using Virtual Rescan technologies increases productivity and clarity of scanned documents. Standard interface libraries, allows for use of the latest scanning technologies without extensive redevelopment of the core system.

PaperStore can archive your documents to Magnetic Disk, Raid, CD, DVD, Optical Disc or other media of your choice.  Jukeboxes capable of storing hundreds of millions of pages can be integrated into a Hitec PaperStore solution.  In most cases, PaperStore maintains independence from the storage media allowing for the creative use of assets within an organization and new technologies as they appear.


Standard Hardware and Operating Systems


PaperStore utilizes common office PC workstations running Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems. Servers include Microsoft Windows 2005 Server through 2008 Server. MS SQL Server is utilized for DataBase management on Server based systems.  Third party developers who want to access the objects managed by PaperStore have access to the PaperStore application toolkit (API).  This API allows Hitec to integrate many systems with the PaperStore System.   Hitec and other Third party developers have used Microsoft Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, Java Script and many other application development tools to interface with the data and objects stored by PaperStore.


Standard Object formats


Today, a document or customer file is a combination of items created by a number of different technologies.  Documents, pictures, faxes and forms are seen as objects.  Hitec PaperStore accepts all standard TIF, JPG, PCX, GIG, BMP, Dicom and PDF formats. 

Along with the standard image formats created by faxes, scanners and cameras, the system can store word processing documents (DOC), spreadsheets (XLS), presentations (PPT), HTML and CAD drawings. Viewing these types of objects requires only the standard application viewer on the retrieving device and obligates no additional integration.

Workflow Engine


PaperStore Workflow is a rules and event driven facility that can be triggered by activities within the system.  The need to route, review, sign, and collaborate can be satisfied easily with the workflow elements.  An example of an event driven workflow would be like one used by a large Physicians Reference Laboratory in the Midwest. 

In this environment, thousands of test orders are scanned as they come into the laboratory.  A bar code on the order is read during the scanning sequence and becomes part of the document index.  Based on the sequence number of the barcode the scanned object is copied and sent to an FTP process which passes the image to one of five (5) data entry centers around the midwest.   This eliminates paper copies being moved from one location to another. The original document is maintained by the PaperStore system and the original paper copies can be discarded after data entry is complete and verified.  

Additional workflows include "Purchasing / Accounts Payable approvals",  "Physician Orders Scheduling with routing to testing facilities" and "Insurance Claim Adjudication".




For sensitive applications, such as: Medical, Human Resources and Personal Finance, PaperStore has options for full encryption of all objects maintained in the system, or for encryption when distributed via or attached to an e-mail.  Back to Top


3rd Party Integration


PaperStore Objects and DataBase tools are standard and open. Third party applications can be utilized to retrieve, view and redistribute information. On request, Hitec will provide all schema information in order to help facilitate these third party applications. When PaperStore's proprietary API or object containers are needed, Hitec offers support for the integration. 

DataBase information can be both imported and exported allowing for even more flexibility and avoidance of a proprietary technology island.




Hitec Integration, Inc. specializes in adapting our core technologies to fit the specific needs of various market segments.  Each application is studied extensively before designing and implementing a system.  

While our technologies don't have inherent industry boundaries, various components are better suited in different situations.  Understanding the special needs and requirements of each potential client insures that project objectives are met.  Once a solution is implemented, our support team is available for training, trouble shooting, and ongoing upgrades.

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