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With over 20 years of experience, Hitec has been a pioneer of Enterprise report management applications. The primary goal of enterprise report management is to supply important timely information to managers in an effective way. Our methods of providing timely and accurate information to the managers and customers help them make informed business decisions.

The reports generally take the form of text, tables and forms.

In a hospital a report may include laboratory test results. 70% of a medical record is comprised of report output from diagnostics, dictation and captured transactions on the Hospital's information system.

A distributor's reports include invoices, msds sheets, inventory reports, sales summaries, etc..

Every organization has payroll reports and general accounting reports.

Hitec report management and distribution systems automatically processes reports and printouts from all types of systems. Many companies have different and disparate systems that generate reports needed by various departments within a company.   Our customer base includes Banks, Government Agencies, Manufacturers, Distributors, Hospitals and Universities.

Our technologies have evolved over time from simply capturing green bar printouts, which had significant advantages over paper or the more traditional means of distribution.  Along with reducing paper consumption, our systems eliminated the need for Computer Output Microfilm (COM). 

Along with being more efficient than paper and micrographics, the information in reports could easily be distributed on CDs or electronically. Another cost saving advantage is the gift of archive.  Reports and computer generated documents are maintained in accordance with the organization's retention schedules without the need of additional technologies.

Based on an organization's rules, Hitec systems can automatically parse reports into individual components, by bursting the report electronically. For example, an individual manager can only retrieve and view a portion of a payroll report that includes information for his/her department.  A sales manager might only be able to retrieve summaries for his/her sales team.  A distributor may want to make sales invoices and supporting information available over the WEB to individual customers.

There is no end to the type of information which might also be distributed on the Internet in the form of report document pages, through a highly secure enterprise portal.