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Document scanning services

Converting paper files to electronic images

By using our expertise, equipment and staff, you can reduce the time and cost associated with scanning a large amount of documents and files.  Whether your project is large or small, one time or ongoing, time sensitive or located in multiple sites, our scanning services team can accommodate your needs.

With our current equipment set, we have the ability to capture in excess of 60,000 to 100,000 pre-prepared letter size document images per day.  Documents can be single sided,  double sided, or mixed.  Color documents and pictures can be part of the project.

During the scanning process it is standard procedure to enhance the electronic images including, de-speckling, de-skewing, lightening or darkening of potentially unreadable portions.  The end result of enhancement is the best possible electronic copy available.

This scanning can be performed on-site or remotely at our facilities.  For on-site scanning, equipment and personnel are positioned at your location(s).  Scanning personnel can be comprised of combinations of:

                -our personnel

                -our personnel and your local staff

                -our personnel and local temporary staff

If local or temporary staff is to be employed, full training in our proven methodologies is provided.  

Preparation support for documents to be scanned

Proper document and file preparation reduces labor and costs associated with scanning.  If local staff is given the proper guidance, documents can be prepped in such a manner that the scanning efficiency is optimum. 

Prepping of documents / files includes; removal of staples, repair of torn pages, elimination of redundant copies, proper sequencing, and other anomalies that disrupt the scanning process.

Where internal resources are not able to provide document / file preparation, then Hitec resources can provide this service as part of the project. 

Professional Project Management 

Our scanning project managers have years of experience managing large scale scanning projects for both private sector and government organizations. 

Each project has its' own specific requirements which will be incorporated into the project plan.  Flexibility is the key to successful completion of any large scale project, and we have the experience necessary to adjust on the fly to unanticipated issues.