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MicroFilm and fiche to digital Image conversion


Hitec's Microfilm and Microfiche conversion services can help eliminate the need for outdated MicroFilm and MicroFiche Readers as well as the envriomentally controlled space needed to store aging film.  Digital images are easier to manage and retrieve leading to increased productivity.

With up to 15,000 images on a single CD or up to 200,000 Images on a DVD , you reduce the risks of losing confidential, priceless, historical data and this type of media provides you with reliable back-up copies and trusted disaster recovery.  There is no degredation of the images on a CD/DVD like you experience with aging film.

Whether you need to convert 16mm, 35mm Microfilm, Microfiche or Aperture Cards, Hitec services provide an affordable way to get the job done.  You can have your converted TIF or PDF images delivered on CD's, DVD's or we will host them on the web with your own dynamic and secure Web front end.


Additional Services

If you have your own document management system, hitec provides indexing services that create import ready files including index values and image pointers based on your system's import requirements.  We can provide disks organized with import files with various levels of indexing. 

Indexing can include a minimum number of index filing values with more complex indexing to be completed later, or a more complex indexing scheme which requires no further indexing after importing into the host system.  Once imported, files and images are available just as if they were created locally.

If you don't have a Document management system and want your images available on your internal network, Hitec offers organization of your images using index values in the file name so that you can simply use Microsoft's search facilities in your desktop software to point to specific content.


Complete Project Managment

Hitec provides a complete analysis of your project including converting a sample of your data allowing you to set expectations and establish firm pricing.

Our conversion project managers have years of experience managing large scale projects for both private and government organizations.  Each project has its' own specific requirements which will be incorporated into the project plan.  Flexibility is the key to successful completion of any large scale project, and we have the experience necessary to adjust on the fly to unanticipated issues.

Hitec uses only the highest quality core technologies as a basis for our conversion solutions. Software and hardware from Microsoft, Plasmon, Kofax, Delta Systems, Creative Controllers, Bell & Howell, Kodak, Unisys, Canon, Mekel, Vidar and Fujitsu.


       Contact us to discuss your project Call 952-808-3250 email:  info@hitec-integration.com