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Multi-vender interchange of print Spool Data

The problem with multiple sources of information

Many customers have multiple "line of business systems" that run on different computing platforms. For many companies, this represents severe obstacles for individuals who need access to related information that is stored on more than one disparate system.    An example might be having the hospital information system storing most of the patient information, but laboratory reports generated by a specialty lab system.  The user seldom has simultaneous access to both environments so there is unnecessary delay when assembling an entire patient history.

Tying all the historic data to the platform that created it will ultimately prove to be an expensive decision. Consider the number of systems that are currently being maintained for the singular purpose of retention of historic data.  Organizations that view high-level systems integration as a strategic goal should ensure that they avoid islands of technology.

The Solution

Hitec has long recognized the need for a single repository of computer generated reports and documents that originate from many sources. The multi-vendor interchange provides the mechanisms needed to normalize all output, where ever it is generated and store it in the most useable form.

The report/document warehouse created by Hitec Archiving allows users to be oblivious as to the origination of the reports and documents, and only be concerned with accessibility and content.

Archive systems provided by Hitec are designed to out live the useful life of the computer it receives the information from. With mergers, acquisitions and downsizing, one never knows whether the same mainframe computing requirements are going to be needed in the future.

The Multi-vendor Interchange

Hitec’s multi-vendor interchange facility takes output streams from all systems, interprets EBCDIC/ASCII, IPR print codes or laser printing codes and eliminates proprietary control codes, formats the document and provides a pure print image ASCII format ready for processing into the Archive system.

Original Output can vary from fixed/variable length EBCDIC records, PowerVS spool, AS/400 physical file with FCFC, etc. File transfers from IBM mainframes, Tandem, AS/400, DEC, Unisys, HP, Risc- Unix, NT and others, are all acceptable with Hitec solutions

multi system computing platform diagram

System Requirements

Hitec multi-vendor interchange tools are supported on Microsoft server platforms including Server 2005, Server 2008 or on virtualized microsoft desktop platforms.

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