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Large Document/Drawings  Scanning C, D, and E Size



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Hitec provides Large Format Scanning Services which includes, Wide Format Scanning services of architectural, mechanical, construction and engineering drawings plus paper to cad conversion services.

Hitec’s large format scanning services offers high quality and low cost wide format scanning service for, drawing scanning, engineering drawings, maps, and large photos for Engineering companies, Architects, Builders, Government Agencies, US Military, Public Utilities, Industrial and Property Management Companies.

 Hitec provides world-class document scanning services with the latest technology and quality control.  Scanning can be provided in black and white (bitonal), Gray Scale, or Color at the best DPI needed to provide the best usability of the scanned image.

Hitec can archive your drawings documents to Magnetic Disk, Raid, CD, DVD, Optical Disc or other media of your choice.  Hitec can deliver your documents via the web, FTP or on the media of your choice.  In most cases, standard file forrmats such as TIFF or PDF maintain independence from the storage media allowing for the creative use of assets within an organization and new technologies as they appear.


Pricing by individual page or Project


Hitec can offer pricing for each document scanned or in the case of project books, or for large volumes, a fixed project price can be offered.  

After discussing your specific requirements we normally offer a price per image that includes all your specific requirements regardless of the original document size.

Standard Output formats


Hitec provides output in all standard TIF, JPG, PCX, CAL, BMP, Dicom and PDF formats. 

Along with the standard image formats created by scanning, images can be converted to formats such as Autocad DFX and Autocad DWG.

Projects into PDF Books


Hitec can create PDF books of an entire project that includes scans of documents of different size and content.  The PDF book can contain bookmarks to drive users to a specific location or specific documents that are needed.   An example of a Project book would be an engineering and construction project that includes drawings, permits, change orders, pictures and other documentation consolidated into a single file 

When creating books, Hitec uses proprietary software to assemble the various documents into PDF files. 

Document Indexing


Hitec provides either an ability to import files into your Document Management System or if you don't utilize our own document management system we can create file names that include the index values the individual file.  This allows you to use the standard microsoft filing system for searching based on index values.


Project Management


Our professionals are specialists at providing scanning and conversion services related to oversize wide format documents and files.  As with all of our services, we specialize in performing document scanning and conversions using our own equipment and personnel. 



Hitec Integration, Inc. specializes in adapting our core technologies to fit the specific needs of various market segments.  Each application is studied extensively before designing and implementing a conversion project.  

While our technologies don't have inherent industry boundaries, various components are better suited in different situations.  Understanding the special needs and requirements of each potential client insures that project objectives are met.  Once a solution is implemented, our support team is available for training, trouble shooting, and continuous monitoring of projects.

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