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Information Logistics:  The right information, in the right place, at the right time, in it's most usable form!

When implementing an information logistics solution, selecting the types of information best suited to current and long-term business requirements is crucial. However, this shouldn’t be the only criteria on which decisions are made. Maximizing the benefit of a solution depends greatly on the level to which the system is integrated in to operational procedures both now and in the future.

Self Funding Solutions

Today organizations are faced a multitude of challenges, not least of which are changes in customer preferences, volatile economic conditions, rapid developments in technology and increased regulation.

Cost reduction is a dominant theme as most organizations have been under intense cost pressure and always will be. In the few areas where budget pressure is manageable, the drive to increase productivity is relentless.  Often, radical cost reduction can be achieved with work process optimization. Often we find that poor productivity can be attributed to poor information logistics.  We examine the key areas of process cost reduction, value of current versus new technologies, and overhead cost reduction.


Information Logistics and costs

 Information logistics means finding the best way to move information from point of conception to point of consumption. It means distributing information in ways that are faster, more flexible and more innovative than ever before.

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